Foto Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan

Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan, 20-year-old amateur who currently deepening Heidelsheim FC, a club that competed in Verbandsliga Nordbaden Germany (one akin beneath the third analysis Bundesliga). Indeed, back this is not a huge club like Bayern Munich. But as a alum Karlsruher SC, Kim at atomic feel how bound the antagonism in a country that had three-times apple champion.
Not abundant altered aspect with a Lionel Messi. Kim captivation a German passport, because back bearing he continues to abide in the mother country. There, he may not apperceive abundant about his father's bearing country, abnormally about Indonesian football. Understandably, Indonesia is not abundant to excel on the apple arena can be accepted by abounding bodies in the West.
Foto Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan
Foto Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan

Full Name: Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan
Place of Birth: Mühlacker (a small town near Stuttgart)
Date of Birth: March 23, 1990
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Bladder Mother's name: Uschi Kurniawan
Bladder father's name: Peter Kurniawan