Foto Syamsir Alam Timnas U-23 and Profil

Foto Syamsir Alam Timnas U-23

Profil Syamsir Alam

Syamsir Alam (born in Balingka, IV Koto, Agam, July 6, 1992, age 18 years) is an Indonesian footballer. He currently plays for SAD Indonesia. The aggregation currently sit in Uruguay, South America. Syamsir is a alum of the U.S. SSB IOP, SSB which was founded by the backward Ronnie Pattinasarani. Syamsir already took the World Cup U-11 FC Danone collective Makassar apery Indonesia. He aswell had time to yield the analysis with a inferior aggregation from the Netherlands, Vitesse Arnhem and Heerenveen but abominably failed. Syamsir is the blazon of striker workers. in U-17 League Division Quinta 2008 he became top scorer of the aggregation packing SAD Indonesia with 15 goals from 29 amateur which dilakoninya. Syamsir accepted to be actual abutting with his drillmaster Cesar Payovich.