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Tommy Sugiarto is national badminton player Indonesia, son of former Indonesian badminton player in the 1980 -..., Icuk Sugiarto.
2004: Semifinal Malaysia Satellite
2006: Satellite Thai Champion, Runner-up Junior World Championships
2007: Quarterfinals Thailand Open GP Gold, Russian Open GP Gold Quarterfinals
2008: Quarterfinals Taiwan Open Gold Grand Prix, the Macau Open GP Gold Quarterfinals
2009: Semifinal Vietnam Open Grand Prix, Semifinal Indian Open GP Gold, Gold GP Quarterfinals Taiwan
2010: Champion International Challenge Laos, Malaysia International Challenge Champion, Champion Bahrain International Challenge, Runners-up India International Challenge, Grand Prix Gold Open Quarterfinals Indonesia, India Open Grand Prix Quarterfinals, Vietnam Open Grand Prix Quarterfinals, Quarterfinals Indonesia International Challenge, Quarterfinals Singapore International Series